At SGpurtier, you can potentially reverse aging process with Purtier Placenta. The comprehensive stem cell from deer placenta provide nutritional values for you.


With ageing being inevitable, we are in danger of developing various chronic illnesses and lifestyle diseases. A group of like-minded professionals began to research in hope for a cure. After 15 years of intensive research, Purtier Placenta was created.

Purtier Placenta, also known as live stem cell therapy, is a major breakthrough in science. We soon realized that most chronic illnesses, lethal or undetectable in some cases, can be prevented by Purtier Placenta. Then, SGpurtier was born in Singapore.

Purtier Placenta have more than 7 years of proven record in helping individuals regain their health, it has gained worldwide recognition for its effectiveness.

In short, at SGpurtier, we enable anyone to have the opportunity to become confident and healthy. We aim to make an impact on others who is having a health condition. Many have endorsed Purtier Placenta through real story accounts of how it have improved their health conditions, and some even escaped death and surgery. We are confident that if Purtier Placenta can work for others, it can for you too!

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